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MEBAA is a non-profit association established in 2006 with the mission to provide a platform for members of the business aviation industry in the MENA region and to gather, understand, and communicate the needs and benefits of the industry.
MEBAA seeks to implement operational safety and efficiency by providing best in-practice workshops/training, conferences, shows, and by establishing codes of conduct and providing industry data.

mebaa reference


Change of market perception

Increase visibility

Event promotion strategy

Digitalization services

Product development

Membership development


Change of market perception

Due to the brand of MEBAA’s Events, which are among the biggest bizav events in the world, MEBAA as an organization became over shined. One of our biggest results was to show the market MEBAA as an organization has other benefits and products to offer. The brand needed the upgrade to a level where MEBAA products became a daily part of their business. We consider this to be one of our biggest successes in cooperation with MEBAA.

Increase visibility

At the starting point of our cooperation, digital and media presence wasn’t as good as one should expect from an organization this big. Our goal was to make a huge online community and to help them make their own, independent media partnerships. We have initiated the production of unique daily content and run social media activities on daily bases too. With the minimum social media budget, we've managed to increase the online community by 100% and media reach by 300%.

Event promotion strategy

We introduced the 365-day event marketing system instead of a short campaign prior to the event itself. Each event also became a vessel of promotion of the next one, from the airshow, to conference, reception, workshops and other.

Digitalization services

Redesign of an online platform with the expansion plan to a full online community with a business plan. We have developed and executed two web sites. MEBAA's main web site with all online services and a very sophisticated platform for members use. The second one is the MEBAA Conference web site for event promotion and also for official event information sharing. Both web sites are custom made and synchronized with all other services the company provides.

Product development

The POSH consultants worked on the development of several new MEBAA products (MEBAA Insights, MEBAA generator, MEBAA insurance and more).

Membership development

We have developed a new approach to seeking new members and membership communication. We've upgraded the member benefits and also gave a full proposal on implementing a CRM solution to centralize the whole system. The membership information could be gathered and processed easily now and also assist the sales and marketing department. MEBAA membership system now is fully digitalized, operational and online.

mebaa today


Increase in membership


Increase in
online community


We have set up a strategy of communication with market development for the next 3 years


Higher media reach


Has a fully digitalized and operational system of membership management


Last few events had the biggest coverage and attention ever, especially the Morocco conference with numerous new topics in the bizav industry


Start of full-service digitalization
which is an ongoing process


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